Trading In a Lease: How It Can Help You Earn Money

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Trading In a Lease: How It Can Help You Earn Money

My Lease Is Almost Over: What Can I Do?

Is your auto lease contract nearing an end? Not to worry, as we at Spitzer Chevrolet Lordstown are happy to help you through the lease trade-in process—after all, you’ve got a few options, and we’re here to assist in ensuring you make a choice that works best for you. Not to mention a few of these options aren’t obvious (and more importantly, can even help you earn some extra cash). So, when your car lease is almost up, head to Spitzer Chevrolet Lordstown in North Jackson today, and we’ll walk you through your choices—and even how to possibly walk away with bonus money.

So…What Are My Options When My Lease Is Done?

When your lease ends, you’ll typically have five choices depending on what you prefer to do with your current cruiser—your first option involves re-leasing the vehicle if you want to take it for a spin for another term. If you’re more in the mood to ride with a new car, you can trade out your current cruiser for something from the new model year (or anything available for lease for that matter). Did you really love the ride? Then you can all-out buy the vehicle you just leased and even make some customization. For your final two choices, you can return the car back to us and call it a day—or you can see if you can trade-in your leased vehicle for potential net cash gains. The choice is completely yours, so consider your options, as some are better than others depending on your car and your personal situation.

Wait…Did You Say I Could Trade My Lease (and Make Money)?

Yes, you can trade in your lease and earn money at the same time depending on your leased car’s worth. Start by opening our Value Your Trade online tool to see the value of your current vehicle. In some cases, your trade-in value is worth more than your current ride’s residual value—so, if your lease is nearing its end, you can actually sell your leased vehicle to us (in other words, you purchase the car at a technically discounted rate from your lease fees and sell it back to us). It’s a work-around trick that you won’t hear experts mention often—but since we’re always looking out for you, we thought we’d let you in on this little hack to help you potentially earn a few extra (if not thousands) of dollars.

Don’t Miss Out on Leasing: It Could Earn You Quick Cash

Along with possibly earning money, you’ll find a few more perks to leasing, like constantly staying behind the wheel of the newest and latest auto technology on the road. Plus, lease terms are low commitment and cheap when compared to loans, which helps them fit more easily in your budget—especially since the down payment is almost always lower for the same vehicle. And, of course, since negative equity is rare at the moment, you can even earn money by trading-in your lease at the end of your term depending on the make, model, and value.

See What You Can Do with Your Lease—Visit North Jackson

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn money on your leased vehicle—instead, visit Spitzer Chevrolet Lordstown in North Jackson, OH, today for an instant answer to you wondering, “Where can I trade in my lease?” While you’re here, we’ll let you know if trading in your ride will work out in your favor—and other options you can also consider depending on what you want from your vehicle. We’re also here to put your needs first, whether it’s answering questions about trading in a leased car or helping you explore lease terms that work for you.

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