6 Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

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6 Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

Driving Never Felt So Good

Driving an electric vehicle is more commo

n than ever, with every car brand on the planet getting in on the action. What was once nothing more than a single niche model offered by one or two carmakers has become a huge segment of the automobile industry, and a common sight on the road.

But why should you drive electric? What tangible benefits are there for you to buy an electric vs. a traditional gas engine vehicle? Below, we’ll dive into the six biggest benefits of an electric vehicle to help you decide whether electric is the right choice for you.

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1. Electric vehicles are less expensive

By far and large, for most drivers, the most attractive benefit of driving electric cars will be the cold, hard cash savings you get over the course of owning an electric vehicle.

Sure, you already know you won’t need to be buying gas anymore. But guess what else that means? No more paying for oil changes. Plus, you won’t have to take your car in for other gas engine-related maintenance or repairs.

Another lesser-known fact is that electric vehicles are easier on the brakes, meaning fewer brake-related maintenance visits, and even more savings.

2. Electric vehicles are quieter

An oft-overlooked benefit of driving electric is the peace and quiet. In an electric vehicle, you often feel like you’re floating. That’s because the cockpit doesn’t have that familiar hum you’re used to from a gas engine.

So, whether you’re driving home from work or simply headed out on a nice relaxing night on the town, you can take solace in the fact that there’s at least one place you can always count on having peace and quiet.

3. Driving electric means tax credits

We just talked about the savings you’ll be able to expect from driving electric. Did we mention you can also get a sizable tax credit depending on what state you live in?

Depending on your state, make, and model, you can collect a tax credit of up to a whopping $7,500. That’s a tax credit for doing nothing but owning an electric vehicle.

4. Enjoy VIP highway lanes

Ever driven carpool? Did you know that you can carpool with an electric vehicle, even if you’re driving alone?

In fact, special highway lanes like these are cropping up everywhere, specifically for drivers of electric vehicles in many cases.

5. For environmentally minded, electric is renewable… gas is not

While natural, gasoline isn’t renewable like electricity is. Electricity can be generated with solar, wind and water power methods, all of which use renewable resources. If part of your consideration of an electric vehicle is its impact on the environment, rest assured that by going electric, you’re truly making an impact.

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The benefits of an electric vehicle are big, from direct cash savings to tax credits, VIP treatment on the highway, and all while doing your part for the environment.

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